Criminal Law

Being a criminal defense attorney in Brownsville, Texas poses some very unique challenges and hands-on experience in dealing with some very unique issues. Actual experience in these courts by an attorney is a necessity; Reynaldo G. Garza, III has been a criminal defense lawyer in Brownsville Texas for 15 years.

Brownsville sits on the border with Mexico and many of the people accused of committing crimes in Brownsville are of Mexican descent. In addition to being on the border, Brownsville is also in the same county as South Padre Island, a major spring break hot spot.

There have been many times when Trey has appeared in the Cameron County Court House for persons who do not speak English on the same day he is representing spring breakers who do not speak any Spanish.

As a criminal defense attorney, Trey has represented clients all over the State of Texas in both State and Federal Courts and has the experience required to successfully defend clients against criminal charges.

Family Law

Family law litigation involves many different areas: adoption, child custody, child support, divorce, and guardianship are just a few of them. A family law attorney in Brownsville Texas who handles such issues often face dealing with clients from diverse backgrounds and cultures, often with citizenship in Mexico and residency in the United States.

Trey’s ability to speak with his clients in both Spanish and English offers numerous benefits to both client and lawyer – and helps eliminate problems caused by lack of proper communication.

Due to the sensitive nature of any issues dealing with children – especially custody, support, and residency ones across international borders – it is highly recommended to seek the assistance of an experienced lawyer practicing family law in Brownsville TX who knows the Rio Grande Valley and all of the unique problems faced by families seeking child custody across an international border.


Federal Criminal Law

Handling cases at the Federal Court level brings different legal issues from Municipal or State Court settings. Cases dealt with at the federal level involve disputes or crimes that are under the jurisdiction of the federal courts as specifically stated in the Constitution; jurisdiction for federal court proceedings are much narrower than in state courts, which requires the work of a federal criminal defense attorney.

Trey has provided legal representation for individuals in federal criminal defense cases involving: drug possession, firearms offenses, public corruption, and smuggling aliens in Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Houston, Laredo, and McAllen to name a few areas.

Reynaldo G. Garza III is a federal criminal defense lawyer and has been admitted for practice in the Southern U.S. District Court of Texas as well as the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. His work often involves overlapping issues in family and especially immigration law when working for his clients. Trey is well prepared to successfully defend his clients against federal criminal charges.