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The attorneys at Garza & Elizondo, LLP are experienced in medical injury litigation, having helped clients in and around Brownsville Texas with medical lawsuits. They handle injury cases concerning hospital and nursing malpractice, birth injuries, nursing home malpractice, dental malpractice, and other medical injuries that involve some type of negligent action or the omission of an action that results in patient injury.

Medical injuries can be devastating, leaving those injured with physical, emotional, and financial scars. This type of negligence can leave people unsure where to turn or how to proceed when seeking compensation for their resulting pain and suffering. Garza & Elizondo, LLP understand the impact that these injuries can have on their clients’ lives and how difficult it can be to face the huge industry that has abundant legal resources at its disposal.

That’s why the attorneys at Garza & Elizondo, LLP  are the best choice when dealing with medical malpractice lawsuits. They give their clients the compassionate, individualized attention necessary to understand their problems and help them receive just compensation.

Medical malpractice litigation is a challenging legal area that requires extensive knowledge of medical practices and medical law. At Garza & Elizondo, LLP, we are prepared to help you succeed with your claim of medical negligence so you can begin the healing process and move on with your life in the best way possible.

The areas of medical malpractice that we handle include but are not limited to:

If you or someone you love in Brownsville or South Texas have been affected by medical negligence, contact Garza & Elizondo, LLP today at for an initial consultation regarding your case!

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