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A large portion of Reynaldo’s law practice involves family law litigation. A family law attorney in Brownsville Texas is often confronted with a wide variety of different issues including divorce, child custody, child support, modification of visitation, and adoptions.

Much like the other areas of Reynaldo Garza’s law practice, his family law clients have come from a wide variety of backgrounds. There are many times when he has been asked to answer questions concerning community property interests involving property owned in both Mexico and the United States. Reynaldo’s ability to communicate effectively in both Spanish and English has helped him resolve many complex issues on behalf of his clients.

As a Brownsville family law attorney, he has seen the best in people – and the worst. Divorce – especially in Brownsville, Texas – can involve child custody disputes that cross international borders. Child custody cases in Brownsville become especially sensitive when one party wants to move to Mexico with their children.

It is not advisable to proceed with child custody matters in Brownsville, Texas without a family law attorney from Brownsville Texas who is familiar with the area and the special issues raised by having families fighting for child custody across an international border.

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