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When faced with federal criminal charges, an accused person should seek the services of a federal criminal defense lawyer who has had experience working in the federal court system. Why is this important? Although the basic handling is similar, the typical case handled in federal court is more detailed, has had more time spent by federal prosecutors preparing the case, and usually faces stiffer penalties for such conduct.

As a federal criminal defense attorney in Brownsville, Reynaldo Garza, III has had to deal with federal rules such as those covering evidence, criminal procedure, and trial procedure as well as knowing about federal sentencing procedures and current Supreme Court rulings that could affect that specific case. His connections to South Texas gives him a unique perspective on what a person accused of a federal crime will face in this area.

Some of the types of charges handled by a federal criminal defense lawyer in Brownsville are:

Alien Smuggling

Bribery and Extortion

Child Pornography

Drug Charges

Firearms Offenses

Illegal Re-Entry

Money Laundering

If you have been charged with a federal crime and need to find an experienced Brownsville federal criminal defense lawyer, contact the Law Firm of Reynaldo Garza, III. Call (956) 202-0067 to set up an appointment today!