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Being charged with a crime is an ordeal; finding the right criminal defense lawyer in Brownsville TX to handle the case is difficult.

It is vital to find someone with the knowledge and experience to handle the charges being faced, a lawyer with the desire to reach the best possible outcome for the charges that were made.

What are you looking for when considering a Brownsville Texas criminal defense lawyer?

  • Extensive experience in primarily criminal defense work!
  • Specific knowledge and experience in a particular crime!
  • Willing to spend the time to research and handle each case!

Hiring the right criminal defense lawyer is the important first step to take when facing criminal charges.

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When searching for the right lawyer in Brownsville TX to handle criminal defense work, why choose Reynaldo Garza, III to handle your criminal charges?

  • Understanding of legal issues faced when crimes are committed by non-residents!
  • Knowledge of all the complexities of living and working on both sides of the border!
  • Over 15 years of experience in criminal law handling!

Handling criminal charge needs the experience of a criminal defense lawyer in Brownsville Texas – call Reynaldo Garza, III at (956) 202-0067 today – and let him find the best possible resolution!

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