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The work of a criminal defense attorney in Brownsville TX is to handle the defense of individuals or companies that have been charged with some sort of criminal conduct.

Most criminal defense attorneys are hired to handle such cases; some are appointed by a court of law when the accused cannot afford to hire an attorney on their own.

What are the sort of issues that a criminal defense attorney can handle in Brownsville Texas?

  • Arrest and bail!
  • Investigation of the incident!
  • Defense in the courtroom!
  • Appeals process if required!

All of this is more than any individual can handle on their own, so hiring an attorney who has criminal defense experience in Brownsville TX is imperative. When you need to find an experienced criminal lawyer, call the law firm of Reynaldo Garza, III and talk to him as soon as possible!

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Why should you choose Reynaldo Garza, III to handle your criminal defense case?

  • Over 15 years of experience handling the defense of his clients in court!
  • Experience with the issues surrounding crimes committed near the Mexican border!
  • Born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley and understand its unique legal issues!

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