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Handling federal criminal law charges for a client is more intensive than the average municipal and state level case.

It requires hands-on experience in federal courts of law – nothing else can replace such training – it requires the expertise of a federal criminal defense attorney in Brownsville Texas.

What makes legal activity at the federal level so much harder to handle?

  • Handing of evidence!
  • Criminal procedures!
  • Specific trial procedures!
  • Sentencing difference
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Handling cases within the federal court system requires admission or being granted permission from the applicable federal district court in which the case will be tried and may require meeting different or higher standards than those required at the municipal or state level.

Reynaldo Garza, III has achieved such admission from the Supreme Court of Texas, the U.S. Southern District Court, and the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals – he has the experience necessary to represent you in Brownsville Texas as a federal criminal defense attorney.

Don’t be overwhelmed when facing federal criminal charges – let Reynaldo Garza, III be your first choice for a federal criminal defense attorney in Brownsville and the surrounding South Texas territory – call (956) 202-0067 and find help with federal court cases!

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