Reynaldo Garza, III

The 3rd Generation of Garza Family Legal Excellence

Whether you are taking court action or need Texas Divorce Attorneys in Brownsville Texas, dealing with the law is usually scary.

For most people, experiencing a need for Texas Divorce Attorneys in Brownsville Texas can be complicated - you don’t always recognize where to turn.

If you are going through a divorce or household unit break-up and must have alimony lawyers or child custody lawyers near Brownsville, consider Attorney of Reynaldo Garza, III.

Whatever form of legal predicament you find yourself dealing with, support of qualified custody lawyers will cause a large impact on the ultimate result of your situation.

The focused assistance of father's rights attorneys can fight to return you to your family and job as fast as is feasible.

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As Texas Divorce Attorneys in Brownsville Texas, Reynaldo Garza, III are able to guide you in regards to the entire judicial procedure tailored to your specific case.

Reynaldo Garza III is able to accommodate your court case in the areas of criminal law, federal criminal law, and custody law for both Spanish and English-speaking houses.

Here are some of the wide range of fields that Reynaldo Garza, III has practiced in the firm's 20 years of experience:

  • Drunk Driving Defense - Taking care of both sentencing and driver's license revocation.
  • Family Divorce - Be your representing attorney to negotiate divorce stipulations.
  • Federal Defense Trial - Determine your defense for display at any trial proceedings.
  • Child Custody - Be your representative to retain your legal rights as a parent.

The Garza family is honored with almost fifty years of contribution to the justice system.

Beginning with Judge Reynaldo Garza Sr. to his grandson Reynaldo Garza III, I have a reputation for diligence and commitment for our clientele.

Reynaldo Garza, III is prepared to get together with you and focus on your requirements to have Texas Divorce Attorneys in Brownsville Texas.

Reynaldo Garza, III

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