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Handling legal issues in South Texas has never been easy – there is the international border of Mexico to deal with as well as South Padre Island, that Spring Break magnet for students not only in Texas but many other states as well.

Any legal problem can be difficult for most people to deal with; however, the complications found in South Texas need special experience – as any lawyer in Brownsville will point out to clients.

What areas of practice does an attorney commonly handle?

  • Criminal Law issues – DWI, Drug Possession, and Assault!
  • Family Law issues – Divorce, Child Custody, and Guardianship!
  • Immigration Law issues – Deportation, Residency, and Visa!

A family attorney in Home Town USA may not have the specialization and experience in handling these unique legal issues presented by South Texas – the ability to effectively communicate with all parties of this area is invaluable.

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Brownsville Lawyer FAQ’s:

I don’t even understand what I’m being accused of because I don’t speak Spanish – I need help!

The ability to effectively communicate in both Spanish and English is invaluable to a lawyer in Brownsville TX in order to expertly defend a client in South Texas – you must have a bilingual legal representative.

If I am convicted of a crime, will I lose my residency status?

Your residency in the United States may very well be affected by the outcome of your legal proceedings, which is why a lawyer in Brownsville is needed to sort out immigration issues as well.

What if my ex-spouse keeps our children in Mexico on the next visit – what can I do?

Sorting out issues such as this definitely needs the experience of an attorney who is comfortable dealing with the child custody problems across international borders – a lawyer from Brownsville is the best option to resolve your issues.

Why should I choose Reynaldo Garza, III as my lawyer in Brownsville TX?

Knowledge of and legal experience in the area by having been born and raised here – and of course his continuation of the Garza family legal tradition in South Texas are excellent reasons to retain Reynaldo Garza, III!

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