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When accused of a crime, the person who has been accused has the right to representation by a criminal lawyer in Brownsville Texas.

Without representation, an individual may not know what rights are protected under the law.

What are some of those protected rights?

  • To remain silent when questioned!
  • To have an attorney present when questioned!
  • To have an attorney appointed if one cannot be afforded!

Because of the importance of those rights, seeking the services in Brownsville TX of a criminal defense lawyer when first accused of a crime is imperative.

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Why should I hire Reynaldo Garza, III as my criminal lawyer in Brownsville?

  • Experience in handling crimes involving the Mexican border!
  • Represents the 3rd generation of Garza family legal representation in the Rio Grande Valley!
  • A strong desire to help clients facing criminal charges!

There is no need to face criminal accusations alone – when you need to find an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Brownsville, call Reynaldo Garza, III at (956) 202-0067 for the representation that you need!

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