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No matter which side of any child custody difficulties you may find yourself – a parent needing promised financial support or a parent having to provide court-ordered payments – each side needs the help of a child custody attorney in Brownsville Texas.

You don’t have to face these unique and difficult situations alone.

What are some of the issues that can be resolved for both parents?

  • Payment schedules to fit both parents!
  • Legal action for failing to comply with court-ordered settlements!
  • Requests for modification by either parent!

A Brownsville TX attorney who handles child custody cases might advise that child support is not going to disappear – it is necessary and is usually ordered by a court of law.

Seek legal help no matter which side of the issue you are facing!

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Why should you choose Reynaldo Garza, III as your child custody lawyer in Brownsville?

  • He has spent a great deal of his practice helping families resolve custody issues!
  • A desire to help both parents do the best for their children!
  • A good understanding of child custody issues that cross international borders!

Facing child custody issues alone can be very frightening – so call Reynaldo Garza, III today at (956) 202-0067 and let him be the attorney to represent you in any child custody proceedings in Brownsville TX to help you resolve pending child custody legal issues!

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