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If you have been accused of a crime, you may be facing a formidable legal system that is certainly frightening and intimidating to most people. How do you know what to do – or when to do it? Answers to such questions are best handled by a trained and dedicated Brownsville Texas defense lawyer who knows the criminal justice system and helps clients see that their rights are protected and their best interests served. What can a defense lawyer do on your behalf?

  • Be with you when facing initial charges before a judge!
  • Negotiate and make arrangements for bail!
  • Investigate and research all evidence that will be presented!
  • Negotiate for a plea bargain if possible!
  • Prepare for a trial if that appears to be the best course of action!

With a trained and zealous Brownsville defense lawyer by your side, the criminal justice system can be less threatening. Garza & Elizondo, LLP is prepared to represent you when facing criminal charges and defend your rights within the legal justice system.

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Why is Trey Garza your best choice for a defense lawyer in Brownsville Texas?

  • Many years of experience in Brownsville Texas helping clients charged with a crime!
  • A sincere desire to protect the rights of his clients in the criminal justice system!
  • Knowledge of the local, state, and federal systems with hands-on experience!

It is possible to have the expertise of a Brownsville Texas defense lawyer working beside you if charged with a crime. Garza & Elizondo, LLP can help you face an intimidating justice system – let him help you immediately!

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