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When a person has been accused of a crime, there is a judicial process that starts at that point. Trying to know and handle all of the details involved in this procedure is not something the average person is capable of handling at all. So the first step any person who is accused of a crime should take is to find the right Brownsville Texas criminal defense attorney to assume the handling of your case during this challenging time. What are the ways in which a defense lawyer can help you?

  • Help you understand the charges against you!
  • Work with the prosecution to lower or dismiss any charges!
  • Be sure throughout the process that your rights are protected!

The fact is that our legal system needs the skill and expertise of a Brownsville TX criminal defense attorney to represent people accused of a crime. An experienced lawyer knows how to gather evidence and negotiate with the prosecution for the best possible outcome. Reynaldo Garza, III is trained and experienced in criminal defense work and prepared to help you through this demanding judicial process.

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With so many choices for a Brownsville Texas criminal defense attorney, why should you choose Reynaldo Garza, III as your defense lawyer?

  • Knowledgeable about criminal investigations and evidence gathering!
  • Able to either negotiate a plea bargain or defend you at trial!
  • Many years of dedicated work defending his clients facing criminal charges!

When facing criminal charges, don’t be overwhelmed by the mechanics of the criminal justice system. You can find the help that you need by requesting the help of qualified and knowledgeable Brownsville Texas defense attorney Reynaldo Garza, III. They will work diligently to achieve the best outcome for your case!

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