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As a Brownsville lawyer with experience in child custody matters, Reynaldo Garza, III will be the first to tell you that the best interest of your children should always come first.

The divorce courts in Brownsville have routinely found that it is in the best interest of children to have frequent contact with both of their parents unless one parent has shown themselves to be unfit to have supervision of the children.

Some of the main reasons a parent is denied conservatorship and access to a child involves drug abuse, child abuse, child endangerment, or criminal history. It is often difficult for parents to separate personal issues with one another from the needs of their children. Always remember that your children come first.

As a child custody attorney in Brownsville, Reynaldo Garza, III has seen parents fight over issues that are not relevant. As a Child Custody Lawyer in Brownsville, Trey would ask you to think long and hard about the needs of your children and place those needs ahead of your own when considering going to court over child custody issues.

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