Deciding to get a divorce is never easy for a couple. Divorce is a stressful, sometimes extremely emotional event that requires a lot of thought and planning. Traditionally, divorcing couples hire a divorce lawyer and appear in front of the family court. There are now more progressive, less stressful ways to obtain a divorce. When couples can negotiate well with each other and their respective divorce attorney, collaborative law divorce can benefit all involved.

What Is Collaborative Divorce?

A divorce lawyer would advise that collaborative family law offers a divorce that is granted based on positive negotiations between spouses and the development of solutions to any related problems. It avoids couples using blame as the motivation to grant certain petitions during the divorce process. Couples who can negotiate well together through their divorce attorney to find answers to problems such as asset and debt division, child custody, and other important issues can be granted a divorce that is less stressful what the traditional process may produce.

How Does Collaborative Divorce Work?

The basis of collaborative divorce in Texas is to consider all aspects of a divorce on a realistic, less emotional basis and determine creative solutions to any issues raised. Assisted by a team of specialists, including mental health, financial, appraisal, child welfare, and other consultants, divorcing couples can determine the problems that must be dealt with in the divorce. When problems have been identified, it is possible to arrive at the best solutions to those problems. These negotiations remove the emotional aspect from the dealings and are often more successful in creating an acceptable divorce plan.

By agreeing to a more logical and beneficial approach, divorcing spouses will often avoid much of the stress that comes with divorce. When presented with a resourceful divorce plan where spouses have come to reasonable agreements on necessary decisions, the courts also find this type of divorce more favorable.

Getting a Collaborative Divorce

Couples who feel they can positively negotiate a divorce with the help of a team of consultants should consider a collaborative divorce. A recommended first step is to discuss this with a divorce lawyer who has experience with collaborative divorce. They can then work with a collaborative law team to discuss and negotiate important concerns. Discussion may include everything from mental health screenings and advice, to financial and debt recommendations, based upon each unique situation. The ultimate goal is to create a resolution to dissolve a marriage and everything associated with it in a positive light for all involved.

A collaborative divorce is not for everyone. Sometimes circumstances are already too emotional. There may be other problems that require the help of a divorce lawyer and the courts to achieve the right divorce solution for all parties. Couples who are comfortable with their decision to divorce and prepared to unemotionally negotiate the terms of their divorce could consider this option. Divorce attorneys recommend this as a more creative, resourceful approach to the dissolution of a marriage.

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