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It is frequently difficult if charged with any type of criminal activity to realize that you need the services of a Brownsville Texas defense attorney – maybe you can take care of it yourself? The unfortunate truth is that in most cases, you will likely need help from a Brownsville Texas defense attorney who is experienced with the local and Texas legal systems. How exactly can a trained and skilled Brownsville attorney help you?

  • Negotiate with the prosecution to drop or lower the charges!
  • Let you know what your real choices can be!
  • Explain how the law will apply to your case!
  • Have the experience to work your case through the judicial system!

Most criminal cases need the knowledge and experience of a trained Brownsville TX defense attorney to negotiate the murky legal waters. When faced with criminal charges, you need Reynaldo Garza, III to help you find the best possible outcome for your case.

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When looking at a Brownsville defense attorney, what are the reasons you should choose Reynaldo Garza, III as your defense lawyer?

  • Born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley and understand its unique issues!
  • Years of experience helping clients facing criminal charges!
  • Dedicated to protecting your rights in the criminal justice system!

Don’t be intimidated by the criminal justice system – seek the help of a qualified and knowledgeable Brownsville Texas defense attorney – seek the help of Reynaldo Garza, III to bring your case to a successful conclusion!

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