Hello, I am Reynaldo Garza, III a criminal defense lawyer in Brownsville Texas. People seeking the assistance of a criminal attorney must be careful which lawyer they choose. Once you have selected a lawyer to represent you, it may be difficult to change at a later time if you realize you are not comfortable with the person you have chosen. Make sure you know what you are getting before you pay money to any lawyer to represent you.

1. Never hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Brownsville without meeting them first. The meeting can be in person or by telephone, but a personal meeting is always preferred. Remember, lawyers want to get hired, and they should be willing to make the time to get to know you, and understand what you need. The personal meeting also gives you an opportunity to size up your choice of lawyers. You are interviewing him for the job not the other way around.

2. A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Brownsville is a litigator. That means that they represent people in courtrooms. It is important that you size up your attorney. You should be comfortable that he or she will speak well for you in Court. Your lawyer is your voice. Ask yourself, does this person know what they are talking about? Will they represent me well in the courtroom? Never be afraid to ask an attorney about their trial experience.

3. Ask the attorney to explain the law in your case and possible ranges of punishment if you are convicted of a crime. Does he/she know what they are talking about? Do they appear educated and comfortable discussing criminal law with you? Remember this is the lawyer who will be defending your personal freedom. They should at least know what they are doing.

4. A criminal Defense attorney in Brownsville should be familiar with the players in your case. It is always advisable to ask a lawyer if he or she has prior experience with the prosecutors or judges in who will be handling your case. The lawyers opinions of the other participants in you’re a case can tell you a lot about the lawyer.

Brownsville Texas is located in Cameron County on the Mexican border. Its people and culture make it a unique location. When choosing a criminal defense lawyer in Brownsville Texas remember that it may be the most important decision you will ever make.