Criminal defense is a large area of law, one where having the right criminal defense attorney can make the difference between justice prevailing – or otherwise. With so many different areas of criminal law, there is much to know which results in most criminal defense lawyers specializing in specific areas. The main emphasis is to represent a client before the judge and jury in such a way that a client’s version of the alleged crime is found to be credible, either fully or partially, all of which affects the amount of punishment received by someone who has committed a crime.

Working With The Prosecution

Before a case ever goes to trial, it is the responsibility of a criminal defense attorney to research and learn a client’s case and then negotiate with the prosecution on the type of charges that will be made. This is very important, since some charges are classified as felonies that require a trial and others are not which means a trial will not be needed. A lawyer who manages to prevent a client from facing felony charges can then negotiate punishment with the prosecution; anyone who goes on to a court hearing will have punishment determined by the courts.

Counseling Clients About Criminal Law

Felony charges that progress to a trial become more difficult cases to handle. This means that a criminal defense attorney must take the time to explain not only the charges in depth so that they are clearly understood; it also means explaining the rules that pertain to the charges and how they affect the case. There are many hidden and fine details in criminal law that can be interpreted certain ways depending on the case; any misinterpretation would be a gross error for the defendant and something an attorney certainly would attempt to avoid.

Additionally, criminal lawyers recognize the significance of certain evidence, witnesses, and other information or testimony that is critical to a case. Such information provides an experienced outside look at the situation and allows attorneys to advise clients accordingly and hopefully receive favorable results.

The Duties of A Criminal Defense Attorney

Defending a client may appear to involve little more than the defendant and counsel having all facts accurately presented. Actually, doing just that is quite a lengthy process, certainly preparing for a case to the point where there is a good understanding of what happened in the defendant’s eyes, a solid enough defense case, and a clear understanding by both parties as to how the case will be defended.

Making such preparations and necessary research will definitely take time – time for investigation, time to choose and subpoena witnesses, and time to devise the best way to present a case that will either prove innocence or identify reasons for the accused criminal act.

There are times when a client may feel as if the crime of which they are accused is not that severe or that hiring a criminal defense attorney is not necessary – and this is usually not true. There is much more to know about the legal system when it comes to criminal law; a person accused of a crime who does not elicit some sort of advice from an experienced attorney is doing her or himself a disservice.

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