With some exceptions, all Lawyers in Brownsville TX are required to honor their clients decisions regarding the direction and goals of any representation. The main exceptions being in cases where a client intends to commit a crime, fraud, or when a lawyer would be required to violate any rule of professional conduct. Lawyers must always make sure that their clients are mentally competent, and if there is a question as to competency, a lawyer can seek assistance or the client.

Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 1.02

” . . . [With limited Exceptions] a lawyer shall abide by a client’s decisions: (1) concerning the objectives and general methods of representation; (2) whether to accept an offer of settlement of a matter, except as otherwise authorized by law; (3) In a criminal case, after consultation with the lawyer, as to a plea to be entered, whether to waive jury trial, and whether the client will testify. . . . “