For many couples unable to have children, adopting is an incredible option, although the process can be quite complex including the fact that there are different types of adoption. The good news is that a law firm can be very helpful in handling all the various legalities when seeking to adopt a child.

Adoption – Different Types

While the final outcome of adoption is the same – a child becomes a part of a family via a legal hearing – the details involved are rarely the same, somewhat because there are different adoption categories.

  • Private – Probably the most recognized concept with child adoption are those involving private agreements. These typically take place directly between at least the birthing mother and the adoptive parents and are handled privately with the help of  law firm.

  • Agency – Agency adoptions occur through a legal service that matches children and parents and ensures the process is done correctly to avoid any future legal concerns. There are benefits and disadvantages to both private and closed handling that should be weighed before agreeing to either one.

  • Open – Open adoptions involve both sides meeting and exchanging personal information such as would be required with any private legal arrangement.

  • Closed – Closed adoptions do not directly involve birthing and adoptive parents together; they do not meet nor are either provided with contact information. Many feel a closed agreement is the best choice and will adopt through an agency for this reason.

  • Stepparent – This is the legal adoption of one parent’s children by another spouse and can be done more easily when the other parent is missing or agrees to the adoption. It there is a disagreement over this exchange of custody and guardianship, the assistance of a Brownsville law firm that specialize in family law may be required.

  • Same-Sex – A growing area of adoption involves same sex parents who may work with either agencies or private birth parents to adopt a child; the legality of this type of adoption varies from state to state. Many find that private agreements are a better choice if it is legal in the state where it is concluded.

  • Placement with Relatives – In the more modern society, this is happening more and more. Parents of children find themselves unable to care for their children for various reasons and request or agree to adoption by a relative, often grandparents or siblings. Due to the possible complexities involved, it is best to use the services of an experienced adoption law firm.

  • International – Adopting a child from overseas usually happens through specific agencies that are tasked to ensure that birth and adoptive parents abide by the laws of the home country. There are many children from countries other than the United States placed for adoption as it is sometimes easier to complete in other countries than the U.S. It can be beneficial to both adoptive and birth parents as well as the child; however, it does come with some concerns about the legality of the adoption depending upon the country involved as well as losing ready access to sometimes vital health information about the child. In spite of this, it is a very popular way for a childless couple to more quickly find and adopt a child.

Adoption – Facilitators

Prospective parents may find work through an adoption facilitator who charges a fee to match children with adoptive parents. A facilitator is supposed to help provide the necessary documentation to complete the adoption process; however, many problems have arisen with this type of adoption. Anyone considering this course of action should seek legal advice from a family law firm before using this type of adoption service.

The safest way to learn about the adoption process is through the advice and help of an experienced law firm that understands the entire course of action. Such experience is invaluable when seeking to adopt a child – problems can be avoided that can prevent future problems for both the new parents and the adopted child. Adoption is an exciting process that can – with the right legal help – match children needing homes with loving and caring parents!

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