There has been a lot of confusing information flowing back and forth lately about U.S. Immigration law and the changes that are being made. It has always been a complex and controversial topic, affecting many people in different ways and generated concerns that immigrants will make a bad work economy even worse by filling jobs that should go to Americans looking for work. According to an immigration attorney, this is not accurate information. Some recent studies about this subject has shown that immigrants filling jobs in this country are actually having a positive effect on not only the economy but the job market as well.

Myth: Foreign-Born Workers Steal Jobs from Americans

It is not illogical to perceive that bringing more people into an already down-turned economy that already doesn’t have enough jobs for those looking for one will only create more competition. There is more to this equation than what it appears as such an arrangement can work in this country to make a definite, positive impact.

Based on the simple idea that more workers means more people in general, all of whom will need services and goods just like current residents, it is possible to actually strengthen the job market. An immigration attorney would explain that with more people as part of the job market – especially unskilled labor – the demand for services, goods and all daily requirements will also increase. Demand creates jobs that require more people to fill them – and so on. Those currently at the lowest levels of employment would be unable to move into newly created and better positions without others coming in to fill the positions being left behind.

Truth: Foreign-Born Workers Create More Jobs

Those who immigrate to the United States to start a new life must deal with the challenges presented by often having a lower educational level not to mention a language barrier. Unskilled laborers are mainly hired for manual work because it is familiar and the easiest way to earn a living in another country. The fear that immigrants will take jobs from current resident needs to be looked at a bit closer.

The truth is that unskilled, native-born labor has a better chance to move into somewhat better jobs because there is replacement labor ready to fill those vacancies. If more people living in this country create an increased demand for services and goods, someone has to fill the positions that will provide all of that. Bringing in low-level workers helps everyone else move up a notch by learning new skills to make more money. It certainly does not affect pay rates negatively, since most immigrants are hired into lower-level jobs so current residents can move into better ones. Businesses supplying required goods have a chance to grow and sell more because of such higher demand. All in all, it can be a win-win situation.

Conclusion: Immigration More Likely to Help Than Hurt The Economy

When the reasons for such positive effects are looked at without any kind of opinion or stigma about immigrant workers entering the country, it is possible to see the benefits that an immigration attorney describes in these circumstances. More people create more demand – more demand creates more jobs in certain industries. Increased employment in those industries often means an increased need for technology and workers to learn it, providing a greater chance for lower-skilled employees to move up. As long as there are more people to become consumers as well as workers, the cycle will continue on!

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