Building a strong defense is the main goal for anyone who has been accused of some type of criminal activity and is being prosecuted. Without a defense, an innocent person or anyone who is not as guilty as being charged has a decreased chance of having a favorable outcome from a trial. This doesn’t mean changing the account of what has happened; it means that a criminal defense lawyer has worked on the case and is fully prepared to state the defendant’s version of the facts in the courtroom.

It Must Be The Truth

When a defendant has selected an attorney, preferably one who has good experience with similar cases, it is time for accused and defense attorney to work together to build a solid case strategy. The main object for both of these people is to review the events in question and plan for the interrogation that will happen in a courtroom.

A defendant must be completely honest with their attorney about the events in question, whether guilty or innocent. The truth must be known so a criminal defense attorney can develop a solid defense, one that either proves innocence despite the charges, clarifies actions taken out of context by the prosecution, or helps punishment be decreased. With such information, a criminal defense lawyer can create case-handling scenarios and be prepared for every question with the best, consistent answers.

Building A Criminal Defense Strategy

A criminal defense strategy begins with a truthful accounting of the events as related by the accused so that a criminal defense attorney can reconstruct the crime and show the defendant’s role in the event. If a defendant was not even at the scene, the defense must be able to prove that by accounting for the defendant’s location. If the defendant was present but acted differently than what the prosecution claims, this must be verified as well.

A good strategy is good as long as everyone agrees about event details, well enough so that any prosecution questions can be answered to support that position. If a defendant answers differently than what was presented in opening statements, any defense strategy is basically lost. Some attorneys conduct practice trials and interviews for this reason – to provide clients a chance to anticipate and answer a lot of the opposition’s likely questions and have a consistent answer that supports the defendant’s case.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer can anticipate potential questions in order to prepare clients for what will be faced. It is also important to have backup plans in case questioning leads to a need for other things such as the testimony of key people or other types of proof to support a defendant’s case.

Essentially, having the best strategy means that a lawyer who handles criminal defense has examined a client’s case from every side, knows any weak points, and can confidently handle a client’s defense. Tactics should be ready to handle prosecution attempts to prove guilt – and both client and counsel should be ready to state a case in such a way that it makes the best sense to judge and jury.

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