Often, a divorce attorney in Brownsville Texas must ask Courts to enforce child custody and child support. If a person has violated a Court’s order, the proper remedy is to seek contempt sanctions. In order to enforce child custody orders, you must petition the court to fine or jail the person who has violated the Court’s orders.Generally the following steps must be followed:
1. You must personally serve the party who has violated the order with a copy of your motion for contempt.2. Your motion must clearly identify the when, why, and how of the violations at issue, and then ask for a punishment from the Court.

3. You must set the motion for hearing and make sure the other party is notified and given an opportunity to appear in Court.

Courts will want to make sure that the person accused of violating an order is given plenty of notice and opportunity to respond. I strongly advise you consult with an attorney before proceeding to file any motion for contempt.