As a Divorce attorney in Brownsville Texas, I often advise people on how to best deal with situations involving family violence. First and foremost is to take action to protect yourself if you are threatened. There are many different methods to protect yourself. First among these is to get away from the danger. Call the police and seek refuge with a friend or family member. It is never wise to remain around people who could cause you harm. Police departments take family violence very seriously; never be afraid to call the police.

You can also seek a protective order. A divorce lawyer moves relatively slow compared to police departments. A police department, through local courts, may be able to assist you in obtaining an emergency protective order. A lawyer can then help you get a more long term protective order.

Do not be a victim. Get away and seek help from an attorney near to you. There are many avenues you can pursue. I strongly urge you to seek help if you are threatened.