One of the worst legal battles that any family can face is a fight over child custody during a divorce. A child custody lawyer who handles such cases understands that it can be one of the most emotional events for a family and children to endure, making the choice of the right attorney to represent one parent or the other a critical decision. Having a lawyer who is experienced in family law, divorce, and child custody legal issues can help reduce the negatives involved when going through a custody case.

Child Custody Hearings – Purpose

When parents divorce, the two biggest problems encountered concern children and family possessions or wealth. Deciding on the issue of custody requires more than just which parent wants the children to live with them – there is more at stake. Home and local environment, access to friends and other family, parent’s ability to provide for the children, and many other considerations should be weighed to make the best decisions.

In deciding which environment is best for the children involved, arguments must be heard from both sides as to which parent can provide the better home. Since this is not something most couples readily agree on by themselves, it becomes a legal situation with a purpose of reaching a non-biased decision on which living arrangements will best benefit the involved children. An experienced child custody lawyer is the best source to advise clients who want the children to live with them most if not all of the time.

Child Custody – An Emotional Roller Coaster

Handling money and possessions is relatively straight forward with a divorce – children are living, breathing, emotional beings that can be drastically affected by complex divorce cases, many of which involve parents and other relatives who are emotionally charged. Even though the best interest of children is the only important issue when child custody is involved, too often it becomes a battle between parents almost like a competition as to which parent can ‘win’ the decision.

Not every case is a worst case scenario often published by the media where parents go to extreme lengths to gain custody of minor children; however, it is not uncommon for one or both parents to be in such emotional turmoil over the divorce that the main goal of the child’s best interest is forgotten. Sometimes one side will attempt to sway the other with either bribery or threats about other possessions involved in the settlement to convince the opposing side to give up custody – which of course is seldom in the best interest of the child. Hiring a lawyer who is skilled in child custody cases, recognizes such situations, and knows how to handle them is a good choice for all involved, especially the children.

Child Custody – Other Decisions To Make

Finalizing who gets primary custody of children is only part of what can turn into a prolonged period of negotiation. Visitation rights is the next difficult situation to be determined as are where the children will live, which parent will pay for health care, personal needs, educational needs, outside activities, etc. Child support must be determined which involves knowing the employment status and earnings of each parent. All of this is another part of child custody decisions, which is certainly more than most people can handle on their own; this is another reason when the legal services of an experienced child custody lawyer is very beneficial.

The complexities of divorce when the custody of children is involved can be quite complex even when the divorce is uncontested and parents are not at odds with each other. Many guardianship decisions rely on choices made during a divorce hearing; the two different issues are very closely tied together. To achieve the best results for both parents and children, an experienced child custody lawyer should be relied upon to help parents resolve issues in the best interests of the children.

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