Infidelity, or cheating, is a common cause of divorce. A divorce lawyer in Brownsville Texas should be experienced in dealing with issues concerning cheating. This video discusses some basic advice that could be helpful to you if you suspect your spouse has cheated.

1. First, decide if you really want a divorce. Many couples can “forgive and forget.” Infidelity is not rare or unique. It happens more often than people like to admit. The big question for each individual is can you get past the fact that your spouse has cheated. Don’t spend money on a divorce lawyer if you will not follow through with your divorce.

2. DO NOT LOSE YOUR COOL! If you have caught your spouse cheating, don’t do anything that will cause you more problems. Do not commit an act of violence just cause you are mad. Getting yourself thrown in jail does not help your divorce case.

3. DO NOT STALK OR HARASS YOUR SPOUSE (or the other person). Again, I cannot stress this enough – STAY CALM. If you intend to file for divorce, you do not want to do anything to hurt your case.

4. Gather what evidence you can. There are laws against invasion of privacy in Texas, but if you have access to Facebook, text messages, photographs or e-mails that might tend to prove your spouse is cheating, you might want to gather that information and preserve it.

5. Remember that a cheating spouse is not necessarily a bad parent to his or her children. It is not wise to discuss issues relating to a spouse’s cheating with your children. You create unnecessary stress and anger in the minds of the children.

6. Evidence of infidelity is often used to establish fault in the break-up. Your primary goal should be to get more than half or a “disproportionate share” of your marital estate because of fault in the break-up. You will need to consult with a divorce lawyer to better understand how to use evidence of cheating in your case.

REMEMBER – if you lose your cool, you may end up losing your advantage in your divorce. Stay calm and consult with a divorce lawyer.