The attorney client privilege is a time honored legal tradition. Confidential communication between attorneys and their clients is essential for the effective administration of justice. All of the divorce attorneys in Brownsville TX have an obligation to serve their clients in a manner that most comports with each individual client’s objectives. This can only be achieved if clients feel comfortable discussing, in a confidential setting, their case with their lawyers.

Texas Rule of Disciplinary Procedure, Rule 1.05 (Comment 1)

1. Both the fiduciary relationship existing between lawyer and client and the proper functioning of the legal system require the preservation by the lawyer of confidential information of one who has employed or sought to employ the lawyer. Free discussion should prevail between lawyer and client in order for the lawyer to be fully informed and for the client to obtain the full benefit of the legal system. The ethical obligation of the lawyer to protect the confidential information of the client not only facilitates the proper representation of the client but also encourages potential clients to seek early legal assistance.