The U.S. legal system is highly complex, with various areas of specialization. Each individual lawyer handles various types of cases as a part of their law practice. A defense lawyer is one of the most recognized types of a law practice as these attorneys work to defend people charged with a crime. Yet criminal cases are only a small percentage of the legal cases handled by every attorney today. Following is a list of the more well-known areas of legal concentration.

  • Estate Law – An estate lawyer handles wills, trusts and estate planning. An estate is an important part of many people’s lives, one that requires proper planning. This takes the skills of a qualified attorney to be sure that assets are left to survivors as part of a person’s estate.
  • Personal Injury Law – Accidents happen – and dealing with the results of any accident can be painful, costly, and long-lasting. Personal injury law is a complex specialty, dealing with establishing fault and determining entitled restitution. It requires a knowledgeable lawyer to handle such cases.
  • Criminal Law – A criminal defense lawyer defends a person charged with any type of criminal offense. Anyone accused of a crime requires the help of a criminal defense attorney, who will ensure that the rights of the accused are protected.
  • Medical Malpractice Law – When a doctor is accused of causing harm to a patient, it can become a very serious legal matter. It requires a lawyer who is familiar with the medical industry, patient care laws, and many other concerns relating to medical care.
  • Worker’s Compensation Law – When a worker is injured on the job and requires medical care, they may be facing pain, lost wages, and even long-term effects. Handling this type of case requires the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney who has studied this type of law and can help a client recover compensation for their injuries.
  • Employment Law – If a worker has issues regarding employee rights, wrongful termination, discrimination in the workplace, or anything other relevant issues, it is best to contact a lawyer who is well versed in employment or labor law.
  • Contract Law – Contracts are an important part of life that protect the parties involved in that contract. Working with contracts requires the proper interpretation, which can often be very complex. Contract law requires a lawyer with extensive experience and expertise in this area to protect the interests of clients.
  • Social Security Disability Law – When a person becomes disabled from an injury or illness and is unable to work, determining how Social Security and Disability Benefits may apply requires the assistance of an attorney familiar with the interpretation of Social Security Disability Insurance.
  • Product Liability Law – For people who are injured by a product, a lawyer who concentrates in this legal specialty will conduct research to determine if a company may be liable for any injuries caused by a product defect or failure. An attorney who works in the product liability field seek fitting restitution from responsible parties for those injured by a product failure or defect.
  • Tax Law – Tax law is another highly complex legal specialty which involves things such as starting a business, filing business taxes, guidance and protection during a tax audit, and the handling of any accusations regarding tax fraud. Certain skills and knowledge unique to this area of the law is important for a lawyer who handles this specialty.

The outcome of any legal case depends on many things, including working with a skilled lawyer who is the experienced with that area of the law. Whenever you need any type of legal assistance, always look for an attorney who is the most qualified in that particular area of the law.

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