If you are in need of a good lawyer to represent you in a criminal case, it is essential to enlist the counsel of an attorney who has the knowledge and experience to help you. Criminal law is a complex and demanding segment of the justice system, so you must find the best criminal defense lawyer who has broad knowledge of criminal law and knows how to use such experience in your best interest. Following are some attributes that can help you make such an important decision.

  • Ability to Communicate – An attorney must be able to communicate well with clients as well as with the important participants in the courtroom. Choose a criminal defense lawyer who makes you feel comfortable during an initial consultation. That person should be willing to explain what can or cannot be done for your case, answer your questions, and be forthright about your case and the possible outcome. All the knowledge in the world does not help if an attorney and client cannot communicate well together.

  • Experience – A lawyer who handles criminal defense cases has had many years of experience in the criminal law area – especially those with experience in both prosecution and defense work – are some of the best types of attorney to consult about a criminal case. Most attorneys will provide general information about their previously-handled criminal cases and their outcome. Not every outcome will lead to acquittal; however, cases where a defendant has received the best outcome possible indicate an attorney looking out for the best interest of their client.

  • Court Procedure – Knowing the applicable law for your case and how to interpret and apply it is necessary to properly represent a defendant. An experienced criminal defense lawyer knows that there are specific procedures that must be followed in all cases, from first consultation to sentencing. A criminal defense attorney should have current knowledge of court procedures in their state and specific area as well as understand the charges, various hearing procedures, and many other circumstances surrounding a case. As mentioned above, prior experience in both defense and prosecution work shows a broad experience that can be applied to successfully represent you and seek the best possible outcome for your case.

  • Experience Beyond The Verdict – In order for a lawyer handling criminal defense work to provide a complete service to their clients, experience beyond the reading of the verdict shows a well-rounded criminal defense attorney. Some cases may need to extend into the appellate arena. An attorney with no experience in representing clients in this legal setting may be able to achieve what clients might otherwise receive as a final legal verdict of a criminal case. Although this is not the most common situation, experience in this area means not having to seek a different lawyer to handle an appeal.

Finding and retaining the best criminal defense lawyer can make the difference between a positive or negative outcome. This is extremely important to a defendant facing any type of criminal charges. Hopefully the above information will help you have a better idea of the value of working with a qualified attorney who is experienced in the broad arena of criminal law.

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