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The word divorce often conjures up ideas of emotional marital splits fraught with stress and fighting. Yet divorce lawyers know that not every situation involves a lot of conflict. As many attorneys can attest, some low conflict marriages can end with a low conflict divorce.

While this may seem to be a positive thing, there are times when divorce attorneys find it is actually quite the opposite. These same lawyers stress that if you are in a low conflict situation, a dissolution can sometimes be more harmful than if there is high stress and problems are more obvious.

What Is A Low Conflict Marriage?

Divorce lawyers consider a low conflict marriage as one where a couple has few disagreements; however, there may also be little intensity in the relationship. If your marriage has few disagreements or conflict, it is usually a good thing unless it prevents you from dealing with issues that could save your marriage.

When there is a general melancholy about the relationship, attorneys recognize this as a situation that can lead to more marital splits than a high conflict situation.

Why Can Low Conflict Marriages Lead to Divorce?

Divorce attorneys note an interesting thing about low conflict marriages. When one or both spouses are complacent in the marriage, their relationship just seems to slowly fade away. The marriage becomes little more than a shared residence with a close friend. There is love, but not always the type that makes a marriage.

Experienced divorce lawyers know that although there are ways you can improve a marriage facing such circumstances, most simply end in divorce.

Some spouses believe they have grown apart and nothing can be done. Although this may be true in some instances, relationship counselors believe that many marriages could be saved if spouses would understand their situation. If love and excitement was there once, it is possible to get it back with the right counseling.

Why Are Low Conflict Divorces A Problem?

Although divorce lawyers strive to help couples get through a divorce with as little stress and conflict as possible, they also recognize the issues that come about when a low conflict marriage ends in a low conflict separation and divorce.

Overall, their biggest concern is that if you are a husband or wife in such a situation, it is likely that neither you or your spouse will contest the divorce and will simply end what could still be a great relationship. This could happen if you would talk openly and receive important counseling to improve the situation.

The Element of Surprise and Children

Attorneys find that low conflict divorces often surprise others in negative ways. A spouse or child who believes everything is fine until the split is requested can suffer emotional distress as a result. Family members are often shocked and saddened at the unexpected news.

Divorce attorneys advise that if your children face such a surprise when their parents simply agree to divorce without attempting reconciliation, they are just as likely to encounter psychological problems as those with high conflict parents who remain together.

Children from high conflict homes whose parents split up handle things better afterward than kids who go through an unexpected divorce when they thought their family was healthy and happy. Divorce attorneys know that some of the longer-lasting effects lie with the children of what was a seemingly happy couple.

As much as attorneys do not enjoy seeing couples go through a combative divorce, they also understand that low conflict terminations bring with them other unsuspected problems.

Lawyers suggest that if you are in a low conflict relationship and considering ending your marriage, you may want seek professional help to try and discuss the situation that may allow you to discover a better healthy relationship!

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