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A law firm located in Brownsville Texas handles many different types of legal issues every day, many of which are complicated by being right by the border between the United States and Mexico.

As if normal legal issues weren’t hard enough to deal with, an international border adds problems that are totally unique, including:

  • Civil lawsuits of all types!
  • Divorces with community property on both sides of the border!
  • Sensitive child custody problems!
  • Spring break criminal issues!

Handling these types of legal problems requires the knowledge and expertise of a Brownsville TX law firm in to sort out all the judicial issues.

Call on the best law firm in Brownsville – you need the experience of Reynaldo Garza, III to make your legal issues manageable – call Trey at (956) 202-0067 today!

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Brownsville Law Firm FAQ’s:

I have been sued.  Do I need an attorney?

You most definitely need an attorney who can handle civil lawsuits.  It is never advisable to go to Court in a civil case without a good civil attorney!

Do I really need an attorney to handle my upcoming divorce proceedings?

That differs with each case – is there child custody or community property involved? These two issues alone may require a legal representative to help sort out all of the many issues to be handled.

What do I need to know when facing drug possession charges?

You need to know that this can be a very serious offense that state and/or federal agencies work hard to prosecute to the fullest extent – do you really want to face their experts alone? You must have a good law firm in Brownsville that understands the issues you will face!

Why should I choose the law firm in Brownsville of Reynaldo Garza, III to represent me in court?

Reynaldo Garza, III has practiced law in the Rio Grande Valley for nearly 15 years – he knows and understands all of the many issues faced being so close to an international border. He is proud to be an important part of the legal legacy of the Garza family in South Texas – and wants to help with your legal needs!

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