After an individual is arrested for a Federal crime, the law requires that they be taken before Federal Court as soon as possible for a hearing called an “Initial Appearance.” Rule 5 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure dictates the rules for the “Initial Appearance” hearing.

Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rule 5. Initial Appearance
The main purpose of the initial appearance is to ensure that the arrested person is informed of the charges, punishment ranges, and their constitutional rights. Most often, an initial appearance occurs so quickly after arrest that Defendants have not had an opportunity to hire or speak with a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney. The presence of an attorney at the “Initial Appearance” is often not necessary. Federal Courts rarely take any action requiring a Defendant to need the assistance of counsel at the initial appearance.

Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers in Brownsville Texas are rarely present during the Initial Appearance of Defendants. Many times Arrested persons are taken before a Judge before they have an opportunity to hire a lawyer. It is important to remember that the Initial Appearance is for the benefit of the Defendant and it serves to “GET THE BALL ROLLING” in Federal criminal cases.