Federal Lawyer – Double Jeopardy

Federal Lawyer – Double Jeopardy

FEDERAL LAWYERS often encounter clients who are being charged in both Federal Court and State Court for the same crime. People will often mistakenly complain of Double Jeopardy. But any such complaints are misplaced. Federal Courts and State Courts operate under separate systems, and a conviction in a State Court does not prohibit a Federal Court from proceeding against the same individual for federal crimes arising out of the same conduct.

The states are separate governments from the U.S. government, and they operate independently of the United States government. FEDERAL LAWYERS will advise that is is possible to be punished for the same offense in federal court and state court.

One state cannot punish an individual for the same crime twice under state law. The Federal Government cannot punish an individual for the same crime twice under federal law. The key is to understand that federal law and state law are different, and a punishment for a state violation does not prohibit a punishment for a federal violation.

It is always advisable to consult with a FEDERAL LAWYER if you have any questions about double jeopardy between federal and state court.

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