As a Family Law Attorney in Brownsville TX, I use subpoenas to force people to come to court and testify. A subpoena is a court order to appear at a certain date and time to testify in court or produce documents for the court to inspect. Failure to comply with a subpoena could result in a fine or jail time.

If you wish to avoid having to testify or produce documents, you must have a qualified lawyer in Brownsville TX file what is called a “Motion To Quash,” asking the judge to “Quash” the subpoena. If you want to file a motion to quash a subpoena in Brownsville Texas, it is best to consult with an experienced attorney.

In my many years of practice as a Family Law Attorney in Brownsville TX, I can say that valid motions to quash are rare. Courts are reluctant to quash subpoenas unless extremely good cause is shown by a representing lawyer. Good cause to quash a subpoena can be health reasons related to an incapacitating injury or illness, privileges against testimony such as the attorney-client privilege, or even governmental privileges such as a judge’s own privilege not to testify about the cases before his/her court.

Speak with a lawyer in Brownsville Texas today to help you with any subpoena you have received.