The idea of eloping seems so romantic.

Family law attorneys find that many people view getting married in secret a preferred option over announcements and planning a big event.

It allows you to tie the knot more quickly and easily than doing it the traditional way.

Before you head off to Vegas with elopement in mind, consider these important tips from family law attorneys to make sure your marriage is legal.

What Is Eloping?

Eloping is simply getting married in secret, often with parent consent or approval.

Family law attorneys find that it appeals mainly to younger people who want to get married without their parents or anyone else knowing about it until after the elopement.

Is It Legal to Elope?

Because there is no law against it, eloping is legal in all states.

Still, this does not mean that just anyone can elope.

To legally elope, family law attorneys stress that you and your soon-to-be spouse do a little planning in advance.

Even though the point of eloping is to be able to do it quickly, you must still do it correctly or your marriage will be illegal and void.

Legal Requirements for Getting Married

Before you run off and elope, family law attorneys stress the importance of the following important details that will ensure your resulting marriage is legal:

  • State Age of Consent for Marriage - The age of consent varies from state to state. In Texas, the age of consent to get married without parental consent is 18. To elope, both you and your partner must be 18 or older.
  • Obtaining A Marriage License - In addition to being at or above the age of consent, you and your partner must also obtain a marriage license before eloping to get married. In Nebraska, the age of marriage is 19 and in Mississippi it is 21. You must show valid identification and have a blood test in Montana ahead of time. In Texas, you must wait 3 days after receiving a marriage license to actually get married. After elopement, the license must be signed by the officiant, then submitted to county where you were married. As inconvenient as all of this may seem, family law attorneys emphasize the fact that without a marriage license, your elopement will be illegal.
  • Other Considerations - Even if you plan to elope, it is always a good idea to have a good financial and life plan set up for your future as a married couple. You may also want to consider a prenuptial agreement and get that in place before the marriage takes place.

Be Sure Before You Elope!

Before you rush off to find someone to perform a marriage ceremony, family law attorneys suggest you first consider the legalities.

Eloping may seem exciting and romantic from the way it is portrayed in the movies; however, family law attorneys stress it is not as simple as how it is portrayed in movies and on TV.

Yet with the right preparation, you can still secretly elope without anyone other than the state knowing you have done so!

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