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During the holidays, I sat down with some great friends and colleagues of mine at lunch and discussed what clients expect of their lawyers in family law cases. We talked about how many clients have unrealistic expectations when it comes to what their lawyers can do for them.

Who Is The Best Divorce Lawyer?

As part of my regular practice, I routinely ask potential clients how they heard about my office or if they were referred by another attorney. Often they tell me: “You are the best divorce lawyer in Brownsville Texas.” I am certainly flattered by the compliments; however, I must admit that I certainly do not feel the same way. If you were to ask the top divorce lawyers in Brownsville, they would probably tell you every attorney is different and each one provides different types and levels of service to their clients. It is simply impossible for anyone to claim to be the best divorce attorney or the top divorce lawyer.

I myself am not so arrogant as to believe that I am the “best divorce attorney in Brownsville Texas.” I do not even want the title “best” or “top” included in my credential. In fact, I often refer clients to competitors if I feel that a different lawyer is better suited to handle a particular situation.

Forget Brownsville for a second; an even larger number would be the top divorce lawyers in Cameron County. While Brownsville is certainly the largest city in Cameron County, there are many fine lawyers in Harlingen, San Benito, and the surrounding areas. The point I am trying to make is that people should look around a bit before determining which lawyer to hire. In my opinion, never trust that someone is regarded as the “Best” or “Top” just because they say so.

Choosing The Right Divorce Lawyer

Any advertisement can claim that someone is the top divorce lawyer or the best divorce attorney; however, that does not make it so. In the past, I have published videos about choosing the right lawyer for your case. What are some basic rules to follow?

  • Research the lawyer before you meet with them. How long have they been practicing? What do people say about them? Check with the State Bar for any negative history.

  • Meet the lawyer face to face - size them up and get a feel for them.

  • Be prepared when you meet with a lawyer. Don’t just show up and expect the attorney to read your mind. Since you may only have a few minutes with the lawyer, he/she will appreciate you cutting to the chase and be able to explain what services you need.

  • Listen carefully to the lawyer and be sure they can present your case in Court the way you want it to be presented.

For more discussion on choosing the right divorce attorney, link here to my video: Tips For Choosing A Lawyer For Your Divorce.

Client Expectations

When most people hire a divorce lawyer, they primarily want one thing: to “Win.” Of course, winning means different things to different people. From a lawyers’ perspective, winning usually means providing good solid representation, guidance, and counseling. The outcome of the case is highly important; however, not every client is going to “win,” especially in family law cases. From a client's perspective, winning could mean anything from being designated the primary custodian of the children to getting more than half of the community estate awarded or just plain make the other spouse feel miserable.

Although not everyone will “win,” every client should feel as if they have achieved the best possible results in their case, whatever the circumstances might be. Lawyers who handle divorce cases should be very careful not to allow clients to have unrealistic expectations or else they risk having clients who will be extremely disappointed. My best advice is that any person seeking to hire a divorce attorney should be careful to be sure they understand what a lawyer can and cannot do for them and not be concerned if the attorney they choose is the “best divorce lawyer” in the area. What they really need is the “right” divorce lawyer for their particular circumstances!

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