Of all the holidays known for partying, drinking, and increased DWI charges, would you have ever thought Halloween was one of them?

Surprisingly to many, DWI lawyers end up seeing considerably more DWI arrests around Halloween as partygoers head out to enjoy costumed festivities and unfortunately driving after consuming alcohol.

DWI defense lawyers stress that avoiding the potential accidents that can happen when people drive while under the influence of alcohol starts with awareness.

Halloween Is A Drunk Driving Holiday

Though most people think of New Years Eve, Super Bowl Sunday, Mardi Grad, and St. Patrick's Day as some of the top drinking holidays, DWI defense lawyers find that Halloween ranks right up there with them.

It’s a holiday celebrated with lots of adult parties and a rise in alcohol consumption as well as the number of drivers who take to the roads after they’ve been drinking.

In addition to the rise in DWI numbers during Halloween week, statistics also show that drinking and driving is the cause of over half of all accident fatalities occurring on Halloween night itself.

That’s a terrifying statistic that makes Halloween even scarier than it should be!

Police Watch Closer on Drinking Holidays

Because Halloween is a known period when the number of alcohol-consuming drivers on the road is higher than usual, DWI lawyers know that the police will be on the lookout.

DWI stops do help prevent deadly accidents, so the likelihood of being pulled over may be higher as police try to keep the roads safer.

Unfortunately, some of these stops may be overzealous or questionable at the least.

Defense for A Halloween DWI

Your best defense if you’ve been pulled over at any time is that needed prior admission that you shouldn't be driving your vehicle after having consumed alcohol, whether on a holiday or any other day.

Because police are aware of the increased likelihood that someone will be driving after drinking on Halloween, you could get pulled over for even a very minor driving mistake or without reasonable suspicion and end up charged with DWI if you have consumed any alcohol at all.

For this reason, it’s essential that anyone stopped and charged on Halloween contact an experienced DWI defense lawyer to discuss their circumstances.

Lawyers can help to determine whether there was probable cause for the stop, if correct procedure was followed during your arrest, and if any breath or blood testing was correctly administered to produce accurate results.

Celebrate Halloween Safely This Year

Partying safely on Halloween or any other holiday involves celebrating responsibly and staying off the road after drinking alcohol.

DWI defense lawyers highlight the fact that the police will be watching on Halloween, so if you’re going to a party, be extra careful with your driving and if you do consume alcohol, only drive when it’s safe to do so - All Saints Day!

Should you get stopped for DWI on Halloween, call a local DWI lawyer who can analyze your circumstances and help you avoid a costly DWI conviction!

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