A conviction of DWI in Texas is a serious offense that has many costs, some of which can be ongoing.

The advice from DWI attorneys is that higher auto insurance premiums are just one of those costs that can affect you for many years, especially if you’ve had more than one DWI conviction.

Think that second DWI offense is no big deal? DWI defense lawyers suggest that you think again!

Beyond the other increasingly serious penalties you face after a second DWI conviction, it can leave you with astronomical car insurance premiums indefinitely once insurance carriers view you as a high-risk customer.

How DWI Affects Auto Insurance Premiums

Car insurance is one of those things that we all have to pay because it's the law as well as to keep everyone on the road protected.

Your DWI attorney can attest that if you are convicted of DWI which your insurance carrier will find out when your license is initially revoked, you will become a greater insurance risk once you get your license back.

You are also required to file an SR-22 form alerting your insurance company that you are considered a high-risk driver by the Texas DPS and therefore required to carry minimum liability insurance for 2 years or otherwise have driving privileges revoked.

As a result, your insurance premium will most likely increase significantly and if convicted of a second DWI, you will become an even greater driving risk and your premium will go up even more.

Obtaining insurance with multiple DWIs can become a very expensive venture and as pointed out by DWI defense lawyers, your choice in companies may be limited as well since not every carrier will insure drivers with multiple DWIs.

Rate Increases with A First DWI

Although auto insurance rate increases in Texas can be lower than those in other states, a first DWI conviction could still result in a premium increase of between 25 and 50 percent of your current rate, depending on your carrier.

You could pay this elevated rate for three to five years or more depending on your carrier’s policies.

Assuming you maintain a clean driving record, DWI attorneys find that you may qualify for relaxed premiums after you are no longer viewed as a high risk driver.

Additional Premium Increases with A Second DWI

When convicted of a second DWI, your premium will increase even more.

Depending on your age, you could see rates that skyrocket from 50 to over 100 percent higher than the already elevated premiums associated with your first DWI, which could end up being 200 percent or higher than a standard auto insurance premium.

The length of time these rates stay in effect can vary greatly since a second DWI establishes a bad pattern, telling insurance companies that you are still a high-risk driver and maybe even refuse to insure you with multiple convictions.

Multiple DWIs Come with A High Cost

While they do work hard to ensure their clients who face DWI are fairly judged, DWI attorneys cannot prevent every conviction or the associated penalties.

Multiple DWI convictions come with serious penalties, including significantly higher auto insurance rates and high-risk driver classification.

DWI defense lawyers stress that the best way to avoid these costs and keep your auto premium as low as possible is to avoid driving after consuming alcohol in the first place!

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