It’s football season in Texas and for many, that means lots of pre-game celebratory tailgating, which can be lots of fun to bring friends and family together before a big game.

Drunk driving lawyers find that all that tailgating fun can also be problematic when people drive after consuming alcohol at that party.

Tailgating certainly presents a unique concern in terms of its legality and what can happen afterward.

The Afteraffects of Tailgatin

Tailgating is a common way to enjoy an afternoon before a big game, reveling with your friends and family; however, attorneys point out that it also presents a unique danger to those partaking for two reasons.

  1. Tailgating is technically illegal if it is done in areas such as parking lots or other areas that have not been previously approved for tailgating parties by the involved college, university, or major league stadium.
  2. Lawyers who handle clients accused of drunk driving find that many people who have been tailgating leave the game intoxicated and get behind the wheel of their vehicles to drive home as evidenced by the increase in DWI numbers after especially NFL football games in Texas.

How to Avoid DWIs

A great solution to the problem posed by tailgating and alcohol consumption at games is to make safety a part of your tailgating plan.

Consider these tips to make sure you and everyone else at the pre-game party enjoy the day and make it home safely without a DWI:

  • Drink Non-Alcoholic Drinks - Offer or consume non-alcoholic beverages so you can drink all you want without adverse side effects.
  • Eat First - Avoid consuming alcohol on an empty stomach by eating before you drink and keeping something in your stomach if you continue to drink.
  • Designate A Driver - Use a designated driver, public transportation, or rideshare so you can drink if you want and not have to drive home.
  • Stop Drinking Early - If you do drink, cut yourself off before half-time so there is time for your body to process the alcohol you’ve consumed.
  • Drink Water - Drink plenty of water while and after you’ve consumed alcohol to help process it faster.
  • Get A Ride - If all else fails, get a ride home!

Keep Tailgating Safe and Avoid that DWI

As Texas lawyers know, Texas is a huge football state and tailgating is a big part of the tradition.

It’s unfortunate when a fun tailgating event ends with someone getting a DWI or worse causing an injury accident that could have been easily avoided.

Follow these tips from dwi attorneys to keep the partying safe and responsible to avoid DWIs and dangerous accidents.

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