Our Divorce Lawyers will be the first to tell you that kids should rarely get married. Courts in Texas are very reluctant to allow children to get married. At a minimum anyone under the age of 18 years who wants to get married will want to obtain parental consent. But parental consent alone will not ensure that a Judge will permit the marriage. Our Divorce Attorneys have only encountered a very few situations where a Court has approved the marriage of persons under the age of 18.

One example of when Courts might approve a child getting married is when the female child has become pregnant and her family is willing to allow her to marry the soon-to-be father. These situations are rare,. Pregnancy and parental consent alone may not be enough to convince a judge that marriage is appropriate, or in the best interest or the child seeking to get married.

Divorce Lawyers also advise that marriage at any age can be a challenge. Young people who get married without establishing themselves in the community are far more likely to get a divorce. Growing up is difficult enough without a spouse, and can be more challenging as a married person.

Marriages fail for many reasons including economic hardship, infidelity, and immaturity. Young persons are generally more susceptible to these common marital problems. Accordingly, our Divorce Attorneys generally advise against children getting married.

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