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Holiday time is here, and along with it are the challenges that divorced parents must face while attempting to provide a happy time for their children. Divorce lawyers understand that holidays are just as stressful for kids as they are for adults, which is something that all parents must realize. In the interest of helping adults learn how to help their children deal with new routines and changing traditions, divorce attorneys offer some helpful suggestions below.

Understand The Importance of Family Holidays

The holidays are an important time in the lives of grown-ups and younger people as well. There is a huge build-up to events like Thanksgiving and Christmas, which creates a lot of expectations in most children. Holiday season quickly becomes known as an exciting, pleasant time where families come together, presents are given, and everyone seems happy. Divorce lawyers find that it is essential for parents to realize the many ways that family festivities are important to their children to help them appropriately deal with the changes that occur after a divorce.

Holiday Tradition Interruptions Cause Stress

Considering the importance that family festivities play in a child’s life and the comfort they feel with traditions and routines, children get stressed when changes occur due to divorce. They may be confused, disappointed, and even scared when dealing with broken traditions. As many divorce attorneys have experienced, some may even act out or become angry or feel guilty; they may feel that their parents no longer love them. Childrenmay question whether the holidays will ever feel the same again. There are many emotions associated with celebrations after a divorce, so parents must accept this and be supportive during this challenging time.

How Can Parents Help Children Cope?

The best way for parents to help their children through the holidays after a divorce is with patience, understanding, accommodation, and love. Anticipate that kids may have strong and even upsetting emotions initially; talk to them about how they are feeling. Parents should acknowledge these feelings and explain to the child that he or she is not to blame and did nothing wrong. It should also be clarified that the divorce does not affect the love that both parents have for their children. Keep the dialogue positive and reassure children that even though things have changed, holidays are still a special time.

With regard to holiday visitation, divorce attorneys recommend that parents discuss plans with their children ahead of time so they know what to expect, then live up to these plans. Spend time alone with youngster and be sure that they can see both sides of their family as usual in order to maintain some sort of routine. Be encouraging when children go off to spend time with an ex-spouse to promote a positive visit. Try to make new family traditions to help the children regain some of their joy in the season.

Changes in routine and family traditions can be hard for the children of divorced parents, especially the first year. To help them adjust to these changes, divorce lawyers stress that parents must recognize their child’s feelings and even fears, then be positive and supportive. By helping them find new meaning in the holidays, experienced divorce attorneys know that encouraging parents are a child’s best friends who can help them through these difficult times. Hopefully kids will learn to enjoy the holidays and their new traditions with both parents and both extended families!

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