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For families of divorce, the holidays can be anything but joyous. Many divorce lawyers see how stress, high emotions, and disruption of family traditions can reduce the happiness of the season for everyone involved. Yet a separation does not have to strain the festivities when divided families approach them with the right mindset. By taking a few tips from experienced divorce attorneys, couples who are no longer married and their families can still enjoy these special times with minimal stress involved.

Be Understanding and Respectful

Above all, divorce lawyers stress the need for understanding and respect when it comes to family celebrations. When a marriage ends, family celebrations may be different than before, so expect and prepare for changes in the usual routine. Stay calm and avoid allowing emotions to flare since this can escalate any hard feelings between individuals or families. Remember the "reason for the season" and try to enjoy it as much as possible.

Make a Plan

Holidays that involve children should be pre-planned, allowing both parents to spend their allotted time with them according to the existing parenting plan. Voice any concerns over this special visiting time early on. Agree on things such as gifts, schedules, transportation, and visits by the kids with other relatives. Once a plan has been agreed upon, explain this plan to the children so they understand what to expect. Most importantly, divorce attorneys stress the importance of sticking to the plan once it has been decided upon. Changing plans at the last minute, or without mutual agreement, is a common source of holiday-related stress that can easily be avoided.

Create New Traditions

Whether the holidays involve children or not, experienced divorce lawyers also suggest that one of the best ways to move on from a divorce is to create new traditions if necessary. Even though old traditions may still be dear to the heart, finding new ways to enjoy and appreciate festivities will be easier for everyone involved and make it possible for the family unit to move forward. Allow children to take an active part in making new holiday traditions. Talking about old traditions can also be an effective way of progressing, even if actually observing them is no longer possible.

Spend Time with Close Family and Friends

Holiday time is a time for loved ones, especially after an emotional event like the end of a marriage. One of the best ways that separated spouses can move on in their lives while still enjoying celebrations is to spend them with those who are closest to them. With the support and understanding of close friends and family, divorce attorneys point out that those facing this time of year without their spouse, or having to share visitation with children, can release any negative emotions and still have a good time.

As the holidays approach, divorce lawyers stress that former spouses and the families affected by a divorce work together so all involved can still enjoy the season. The end of a marriage does not have to be the end of happiness during festivities. Instead, divorce attorneys maintain this can be the beginning of new traditions and a brighter outlook for a happier future!

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