For some, Valentine’s Day is the highlight of February and the kickoff of a list of celebrations in the new year.

For many others, it has become a time to contact a divorce lawyer to begin divorce proceedings.

As ironic as it may seem, many attorneys find that Valentine’s Day is the start of a notable increase in new divorces.

Here is why V-Day often turns into D-Day for many couples on the verge of losing their marriage!

Life Returning To Normal Again

The period from the Thanksgiving holiday all the way through to the New Year is a busy and sometimes chaotic time for many people and families.

It is a period of time when many divorce lawyers see a slump in new divorce cases for a little while at least, while people do their best to deal with their marital problems to get through the holidays intact, many times for the sake of not ruining the season for kids and other family members.

Once life starts returning to normal after the newness of the new year begins wearing off, what divorce attorneys usually see afterward is a sudden surge in new filings as couples and spouses decide that it is finally time.

Financial Strains More Obvious Now

Money is a topic that can cause a lot of strain in a marriage and may even be partially responsible for divorces.

These strains tend to be exacerbated after the holidays when everyone is fully into the new year.

Divorce lawyers see that the realities of overspending during the holidays are eventually realized which only adds more anxiety to an already stressful emotional situation.

It is during this time that the filing of personal bankruptcies which can also put pressure on failing marriages tend to increase as well.

Emotions Are Raw on the Love Holiday

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love, when couples normally celebrate their love for each other.

Yet when that love has been lost, divorce attorneys find that for many it becomes a sore reminder of a failed marriage and all the other issues a couple may be facing.

An Emotional Prompt to Finally Act

With emotions so raw and many spouses feeling the impact of the previously-mentioned reasons, many spouses reach an emotional breaking point as Valentine’s Day rolls around.

The holiday becomes a point in time when spouses realize there is no going back and their marriage cannot be repaired, using this romantic holiday as a prompt to finally start putting their divorce proceedings into motion.

Consider The Options - Then Call A Divorce Lawyer

Any divorce is a sad moment in the lives of a married couple.

Although spouses frequently try to hold off the inevitable until after the rush and emotions of the holidays hoping that things might resolve during this special time, that does not always happen.

Most divorce attorneys find that those still unable to come to terms with their marital issues will start the process once the new year has turned over.

As a result, Valentine’s Day tends to be a ramp-up point where those divorce filings start happening.

Anyone who has reached that point in their marriage should speak with an experienced divorce lawyer about getting the process started in a stress-free way.

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