Divorce by its very nature is a highly stressful event in anyone’s life under any circumstances and has actually been rated as the second most stressful event that some people may deal with in their lives.

This is why divorce lawyers strive to help couples find a way to amicably end their marriage with as little anxiety as possible because divorce stress can both slow down the procedure cause a negative impact on your health as well.

Increased Anxiety

When divorces turn stressful, spouses may begin to suffer from anxiety or existing anxiety can be exacerbated simply because of the sensitive nature of the topic.

It’s normal for spouses to deal with a little bit of anxiety as they move through the divorce process with their attorneys; however, for some people that anxiety can become severe.

Anxiety that results in a disruption of daily life can be detrimental, so talking to a therapist who can help you stay calm and show you how to process your anxiety in positive ways can be beneficial to the whole process.

Depression and Mental Health Concerns

It's’s also not uncommon for those going through a divorce to become sad or depressed as they struggle to accept that their marriage is over and life will be changing considerably in the future.

The more stressful the divorce, the higher the risk of depression may be for those either predisposed to depression or suffering from it already.

Anxiety and depression associated with a stressful divorce can additionally bring about other psychological concerns including self-esteem issues and even suicidal tendencies, all of which indicate a need for psychological counseling during and after the divorce is final.

Physical Health Concerns

Beyond the added anxiety, depression, and psychological issues possible for certain people, divorce lawyers find that stress could even lead to physical health issues like high blood pressure, stomach troubles and poor appetite, sleeping issues, headaches, and more, all of which can attribute to other health problems.

Studies on the effects of stress on our health even suggest that stress can increase the chance of developing cardiovascular disease and increase the risk of having a heart attack.

Other studies suggest that those who have been through a divorce were 20 percent more likely to develop cancer, diabetes, or certain other chronic disease.

No matter what the cause, stress is stress and can be very damaging to the body.

Strive For A Low-Stress Divorce

Divorce attorneys know that no matter how easy a divorce may seem, a certain amount of stress with the situation is to be expected.

Minimize that stress by maintaining a willingness to compromise with your spouse and work toward agreements rather than arguments.

An experienced divorce lawyer working on your behalf will give you the guidance necessary to keep the divorce process moving smoothly while helping you negotiate for a favorable outcome.

Minimizing stress during a divorce will reduce your chance of suffering anxiety, depression, and other health issues so you can progress more easily into your new life!

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