As a divorce Lawyer in Brownsville Texas, I often observe disturbing behavior in people when it comes to their handling of child custody disputes. Understandably, people get stressed out when child custody is an issue. Problems arise for lawyers when people lose sight of the needs of the children because they are all about winning or beating the other parent. Arguments and even violence can erupt in child custody disputes because of the emotional stress involved.

Guess what folks - children never win if their parents are fighting. Certainly there are times when an aggressive legal approach to child custody concerns is necessary, but leave the fight for the courtroom.

We are supposed to be a civilized society. When two people are divorcing, our legal system is supposed to help us peacefully resolve disputes. People forget that a Courtroom is where they are supposed to peacefully present their divorce and/or child custody case and let a neutral party resolve their dispute.

Any child custody arguments or disputes outside of the Courtroom only complicate matters for your divorce attorney. Please stay calm and don't lose your mind!

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