Child custody and support issues in Texas are difficult on the entire family, especially for fathers. Without the assistance of an experienced child support or divorce attorney, a father may not know how to be heard when important court decisions are concerned. The purpose of child custody and support lawsuits is for one or both parents to obtain fair parenting time and adequate child support. Without legal advice, a father may have his rights violated and not even realize it.

That is why it is essential for a father involved in a custody and/or child support proceeding to work with an experienced child support or family law firm, one that can ensure his rights are protected. These family law and divorce lawyers will seek the most favorable custody and support order under any given set of circumstances.

Current Child Support Guidelines in Texas

A father in the state of Texas often bears the greater responsible for the support of minor children – whether or not he has custody.  A decision as to the amount of child support to be paid is determined by the court. This is based on established reasonable, minimum guidelines. The help of an experienced family law or divorce lawyer is often required so that all issues regarding child support can be presented and handled fairly under the Texas child support guidelines.

The current method used in Texas to determine the amount of child support to be paid by the parent (obligor) is based on that person’s net monthly income. The court is allowed to deviate from basic guidelines and consider any number of factors that may also be relevant to a final determination and best serve the interests of the involved minor child. Family law or divorce attorneys will help ensure their client understands that child support and child custody are two issues that are handled and determined separately.

Other Parental Rights of Fathers in Texas

It is important that fathers who live in the State of Texas understand their legal right to be a co-conservator of their children in order to avoid having such rights unknowingly decreased or denied. A common misconception is that non-payment of child support means the supporting parent can be denied court-approved visitation rights.  Visitation and child support are completely separate legal issues; one does not affect the other. The punishment of a father who does not pay child support is handled in a completely separate manner.

Fathers also have legal rights to their child’s school and medical records, the right to establish proof of paternity if paternity is questioned, and the right to fair visitation. A divorce lawyer experienced in handling child support matters can offer his or her client other suggestions to help ensure that child support is being used in the best interests of the child. While some of these requests may be variations of Texas Family Code guidelines, a family law or divorce attorney familiar with the handling of child support in Texas can help a father obtain a fair custody, visitation, and support order.

When a divorce involves children, a father must be aware of his parental rights regarding child custody and child support in order to protect both his interests and those of his child. By working with a family law firm and divorce lawyers experienced in handling child support issues, a father can rest assured he has an advocate to protect his legal rights regarding his child. It is important for a father in need of this type of assistance to consult with an experienced family law or divorce attorney as soon as possible. This will help to ensure the best outcome for each father’s individual situation!

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