When the specter of divorce is a possibility, divorce attorneys advise that there are definite ways to make it easier or more difficult, depending on your actions.

If you’re filing to end your marriage in Texas, it’s important to follow the following suggestions from your lawyer on things you should and should not do during the proceedings.

Keep the process as painless and simple as possible by avoiding common mistakes that could alter the results of your divorce.

Respect Everyone’s Privacy

One of the biggest mistakes you could make during a divorce is to go into your soon-to-be spouse's email account, track them, spy on them, or otherwise attempt to keep tabs on him or her.

Divorce lawyers stress that privacy, including your own, is extremely important and breaching someone else’s privacy could damage your case in family law court.

Even if you know your spouse’s passwords, don’t go into his or her private accounts as this is a violation of federal privacy laws and could be used against you in the divorce.

Learn About Temporary Orders

Should you or your spouse file for any temporary orders, divorce lawyers stress the significance of understanding the specifications of such orders to avoid accidentally violating them.

Whether those orders involve financial accounts, living arrangements, or something else, violating orders because you’re unsure of the restrictions can add unnecessary problems to the divorce process.

Avoid Taking On New Debt

Divorce lawyers suggest that taking on new debt while in the process of a divorce is a bad move for a number of reasons.

  • Doing so with joint accounts only makes dividing up property and debt more complex.
  • It may indicate that you’re trying to benefit financially by forcing your spouse to share more expenses since Texas is a community property state where property and debt is equally divided.

Even if your financial accounts are only in your name, increasing debt can make moving on from the divorce more difficult.

Don’t Destroy or Get Rid Of Anything

Keep good financial and personal records as well as records of all property owned so it can be used during the divorce to help you and your divorce attorney fairly distribute your property and debt.

Don’t destroy any records, receipts, or property that could be used as evidence during the negotiations or sell marital property in an attempt to retain the money, all of which is all considered tampering with evidence.

Collect your records as requested and leave all property as-is until the final decree is issued.

Don’t Let Emotions Take Over

As upsetting as your divorce may be, try to stay calm so you can make thoughtful decisions.

Divorces require compromising on both sides and a willingness to work together toward a positive ending of the marriage.

When you allow your negative emotions to control you, looking at things objectively will be more difficult as well as negatively affect your mental and physical health.

Avoid Common Divorce Mistakes

When filing for a divorce in Texas, it’s important to be aware of these commonly-made mistakes and avoid making them.

It will help you and your divorce lawyer get through the process faster with the least amount of stress and complications and hopefully a more satisfying outcome!

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