In this great nation where every citizen is considered innocent until proven guilty and entitled to a fair trial by their peers, it’s essential that those facing criminal charges have a strong defense attorney to help them with their case.

Regardless of what charges you are facing, a criminal defense lawyer who can ensure your rights are upheld and receive a fair trial is a vital ally to have on your side.

Why Is It So Important to Hire A Defense Attorney?

The U.S. legal system is a complex, expansive entity that can be exceptionally difficult to navigate.

When you are facing criminal charges, the prosecution hopes to use the law to their advantage to prove you guilty as charged.

With the aid of an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows the law as much as prosecutors, you may actually receive that fair trial you are entitled to.

This is why it is stated right in the Miranda Rights that you are entitled to hire legal counsel and if you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you.

You don’t really want to work with just any defense lawyer when facing criminal charges.

What you need is a lawyer who has demonstrated skill in criminal law and will challenge prosecutors to make sure that:

  • You do receive a fair trial.
  • Your rights are upheld.
  • Legal procedures are followed.
  • Any and all evidence against you is legally obtained.

Your best chance to receive appropriate penalties or even avoid a conviction altogether comes when you hire an experienced attorney to help with your case.

What Will A Defense Lawyer Do For You?

A defense attorney is a key partner in your success when facing criminal charges of any kind.

Your attorney will first research the situation and build a strong and convincing defense case, then use that information to bargain with prosecutors keeping your best interest in mind.

The lawyer you retain will study the prosecutor’s case, make sure they have followed all legal protocols in building their case against you, and explore the law for any details that could help your case or weaken the prosecutor’s case.

He or she will advise you on whether it’s best to try to avoid trial with a plea bargain or proceed to trial.

If a trial is required, the attorney will assist with and oversee juror selection and then continue to defend your case in front of a judge and jury with the goal of establishing an opinion of reasonable doubt within the courtroom.

After a decision is reached, your attorney will continue to negotiate for a favorable punishment based on the circumstances and the range allowed by the law.

Don’t Deal With Criminal Charges Alone!

Although there is no law that states you must hire a defense lawyer to represent you while facing criminal charges, facing prosecutors and the court without one or one appointed by the court could leave you vulnerable.

It would be better to find a capable lawyer with years of experience in criminal defense who will take the time to get to know you, understand your plight, build a strong case to support you, fight for you, and stand up for your freedom.

Don't face a judge and jury without an experienced criminal defense lawyer!

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