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To many people, traffic tickets may seem like the routine result of an occasional mistake, nothing worth hiring an attorney to handle. Most people do not realize that some traffic tickets are lesser criminal offenses that could add up to big problems. If there is a chance to resolve a traffic ticket with the help of a criminal defense lawyer, it may be worthwhile doing in order to avoid future costly penalties.

Fines are More Than Just Costly

Depending on the circumstances, drivers may not actually be guilty of the offense for which they were charged; perhaps there are some questions concerning how the citation was given. Without knowing these things or questioning the circumstances, most people just pay their fine and move on. Unfortunately, paying the fine assigned with a traffic ticket is the equivalent of pleading guilty as charged without the benefit of a hearing - or the help of experienced criminal defense attorneys. This means more than just the cost of the fine; it also means drivers license points which can lead to higher insurance premiums or even eventual loss of driving privileges if there is more than one conviction.

Why Contest A Traffic Ticket?

If the citation is at all questionable or the charge can be reduced, it is worth challenging; however, it must be done before the fine is paid. The U.S. Constitution provides the right to challenge even a traffic ticket if there is reason to believe it was done in error as innocence is presumed until a person is proven to be guilty. Contesting a traffic citation puts the burden of proof in the hands of the courts. Although not every traffic citation can be resolved in court, many can. With the help of experienced criminal defense lawyers, it is worth challenging that ticket in order to keep driving records clean.

Seeking Help With Traffic Ticket Resolution

A traffic citation is considered a Class C Misdemeanor, which is a criminal offense. These offenses are reported to the DMV as well as to insurance companies, since a high number of traffic convictions are commonly associated with high risk drivers. The last thing anyone wants is to pay more for insurance or potentially lose their license due to numerous traffic tickets on their driving record. This is why it is beneficial to work with a criminal defense attorney who can help resolve traffic tickets.

The most important time to find a lawyer to work with is immediately after receiving a ticket that the person charged believes was given in error. Paying a fine when a driver knows they did not commit the action that was charged or did not know it was against the law is not the wisest choice to make. Criminal defense lawyers experienced in traffic tickets can help drivers understand their options to challenge the ticket.

The important point here is that drivers should never assume that an attorney would be unable to help with a traffic ticket. This is especially true if there is any question as to the charges listed on the citation or if stiff penalties could possibly be given. Discussing a ticket with experienced criminal defense attorneys can save drivers time, money, and the possibility of losing their driving privileges - and that is certainly a valid point to consider!

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