Criminal Defense Lawyers in Brownsville Texas

Skilled criminal defense attorneys are crucial to a defendant’s legal case. Many people believe the main task that criminal defense lawyers face is proving their client's innocence, which is not the case. In actuality, the most important job performed by criminal defense attorneys is to act as a negotiator for the defendant, protecting their client’s rights and seeking a favorable outcome, whether there is guilt involved or not. Doing so requires that criminal defense lawyers have a thorough understanding of the legal system and expert negotiation skills.

How Criminal Cases Are Decided

Based on the events of each case, criminal cases follow a specific process that ends with either the defendant being cleared of any charges brought against them or a guilty verdict that leads to some type of punishment ordered by the judge. Getting to this point requires extensive work by criminal defense lawyers who must effectively present a defendant’s case and then be prepared to act as a skilled negotiator during any resulting discussions between the defense and the prosecution. Whether the goal is to clear the charges or simply get the best deal for the defendant, careful negotiation is always a large part of this process.

Plea Bargaining and Case Negotiation

Plea bargaining is an important part of negotiating most criminal cases. Not every case will result in a plea agreement; however, discussions do occur between criminal defense attorneys and prosecuting attorneys. The prosecution’s job is to gain a conviction and substantial punishment that is applicable for the conviction. Criminal defense lawyers negotiate based on case details to potentially reduce the charges or punishment.  Negotiations could also lead to an agreement for a suitable punishment that gives the defendant more consideration while serving their sentence.

The Importance of Skilled Plea Bargaining

Some criminal cases are more negotiable due to the availability of evidence, questionable conditions, and more. This makes plea bargaining a tool that experienced criminal defense attorneys use to reduce charges and/or penalties when skillfully presented with a good argument. Knowing when to continue negotiations and when to just proceed to trial is a quality that good criminal defense attorneys use to achieve the best case results. Of course, local prosecutors often know which attorneys are the best trial laywers and negotiators, which can result in a better outcome for the defendant.

Anyone who has been charged with a criminal offense needs the efforts of experienced criminal defense attorneys, especially those known to be effective negotiators. Case negotiation and skilled plea bargaining can make the difference between accepting what the prosecution wants or working towards a beneficial outcome for the defendant. When searching for criminal defense lawyers, a defendant should always look at an attorney’s technique and track record for plea bargaining as well as their willingness to go to trial when necessary to get the best outcome for their case!

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